Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was invited by the good people at Brown’s Fine Art in Jackson, MS to be a featured artist in their “Queens” show. The show takes place during the weekend of the “Zippity Doo Dah Parade” featuring the Sweet Potato Queens. This was an opportunity I could not pass up, and it was great fun. I created 6 queens that are to be hung on the wall, and 3 that are to be set on a table or pedestal. All of the queens started out as Mardi Gras dolls, and I gave them homes in and on old teacups, platters and other treasures. All of the pieces include elements of Katrina debris (see my Katrina Collection) including rhinestones from a 1940s Mardi Gras ballgown. And of course, I gave each of them crowns, scepters and other queenly accoutrements including a whole lot of sweet potatoes fashioned from polymer clay. The wall pieces are approx. 14"-17" in diameter. Email me for price and availability, or contact Brown’s Fine Art.
Starry Eyed Queen
Starry-Eyed Queen detail
Queen in the Mirror
Queen in the Mirror detail
Teacup Queen 3
Teacup Queen 3 detail
Teacup Queen 2
Teacup Queen 2 detail
Tangerine Queen
Tangerine Queen detail
Teacup Queen 1
Teacup Queen 1 detail
Queen of Palmyra
Queen of Palmyra detail
Queen for a Day
Queen for a Day detail
Once in a Blue Moon Queen
Once in a Blue Moon Queen detail