Friday, August 1, 2008


Reliquaries are repositories for relics or other sacred objects. In this series, I have interpreted the reliquary in both a traditional and an avant-garde fashion. Many pieces in the series revolve around Christian themes. For some of these pieces, I have started with carved wood Santos from Latin America. In others, I have used plaster statues which I either dug out of debris piles or purchased in New Orleans antique shops. I have also created some pieces which allude to what I call the “everyday sacred.” One of these pieces pays homage to our feline companions, and others point to our reverence for the natural environment.

I chose to debut the show on the eve of Epiphany and the beginning of the 2008 Mardi Gras season for its symbolic significance. Celebrated in cultures around the world, the date has special significance here on the Gulf Coast. Especially in light of the devastation of our coast by Hurricane Katrina, it seems important to celebrate the advent of a joyous season. This new series is also a natural extension of The Katrina Collection, my series of assemblages which uses storm debris as a metaphor for rebirth.

Mary's Altar
St Francis and Friends

Breadbowl Saint 3

Breadbowl Saint 1

Nicosia Saint 4 SOLD