Monday, January 1, 2007

The Santo in Seventeen Crosses is mounted upon painted plywood and surrounded by crosses made of wood and polymer clay. A milagro rests upon the Santo's chest, and copper nails further embellish the piece. SOLD
Icon and Altar began with the small three paneled folding icon. I placed it on top of an altar fashioned from polymer clay, and nestled in a niche formed from a box salvaged from a Katrina debris pile. The support for the piece is plywood, and the small icons are of polymer clay. 15" x 19" x4" SOLD

Leda and the Swan. This piece was made from a beautiful ceramic tile from Cyprus, a fragment of a small drawer, and a slate roof tile from New Orleans. 11" x 15" SOLD
Floral SOLD

Angst of the Artist. I created this tongue-in-cheek piece for a fundraiser. Artists were supplied with a plywood mask form and asked to build a piece from that. I pretty much hid the mask behind feathers made from painted canvas, and attached a wood doll to the front. The doll represents the artist, offering her work to the viewer. Her wings represent her wish that her work soar, but behind the feathers, in the eye holes of the mask, are two polymer clay faces which reveal self-doubt and insecurity. I meant for this piece to poke fun at myself and other artists and in a larger sense, to help us to remember that while the creation of our art may be personally satisfying, it ain't a solution for world peace and it ain't a cure for cancer. SOLD

Virgin and Child in Ornate Frame SOLD
Virgin and Child 2 SOLD
Virgin and Child Icon SOLD
Three Icons SOLD

St George Icon SOLD

Joss Icon SOLD
John the Baptist Icon 3 SOLD

John the Baptist Icon SOLD

Jesus Icon SOLD
Icon in Wood Frame 3 SOLD
Icon with Gold Flowers SOLD

Icon in Wood Frame 2 SOLD
Icon in Wood Frame SOLD

Icon in Gold and Silver Frame SOLD
Icon in Gold Frame 1 SOLD

Icon in Fancy Frame SOLD

The East 21" x 20" x 4" SOLD

The Beginning II 16" x 14" x 1.5" SOLD

The Beginning 22" x 24" x 3" SOLD

St Francis 16"x 21" x 3" SOLD

Sacred Heart 15" x 19" SOLD
Prophet 11" x 15" x 2" SOLD

Our Lady of Fatima 13" x 18" x 3" SOLD

Mendicant II 11" x 16" SOLD

Icon II 15" x 22" x 3" SOLD
Fruit of the Vine 12" x 15" SOLD

Door of the Temple 13"x 21" x 4" SOLD

Little Virgin of Guadalupe 9" x 13" x 2" SOLD

Cat 14"x 20" x 2.5" SOLD

Prayer Beads was a delight to make. I did a lot of it on the Amtrack, going to and from a show in Georgetown. I made the beads and the medallions on the way there, and painted them on the way back. The support is a board collaged with copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I molded the beads from the same 200 year old brass Russian icons which I used for the medallions. SOLD

Angel and Ten 15" x 7" x 3" Sold

Virgin in the Temple SOLD
The Elder features two removable neck pieces with large natural stones. Other beads are of bone, bauxite, glass, wood, and metal.The face of the elder is polymer clay, and I have added Chinese coins and a variety of hand made and hand painted papers over a plywood support. 24" x 18" SOLD June 2008

Godhead has three neck pieces which may be removed and worn. The support for the piece is of plywood, covered in handmade paper which I stamped with various Chinese chops, and some Chinese coins. The Buddha face is of plaster which I painted. The center neck piece has beads of polymer clay, glass and recycled glass beads and brass kirdi beads from Africa. The beads on the other two neckpieces are of lapis, brass kirdi, amber, recycled glass, African trade beads, turqoise and fine silver from Thailand. 21" x 16" SOLD
Gail's Joy Angel. SOLD
Gail's Hope Angel. My Richmond friends BJ and Jennifer asked me to contribute to a fundraiser for their sister, who is battling breast cancer. I created two pieces, based around the Christmas ornament given me by anither dear friend.