Friday, December 19, 2008

Following is a new bunch of small pieces that are built around relief images in polymer clay. The icon pieces were made from molds I fashioned from brass icons; some contemporary and some 200 years old (Russian in origin). I surrounded them with various other elements, from damaged frames from Katrina debris piles to bits of ribbon and beads, They vary in size, but most are around 4" x 6", with a couple that are larger.
Wax Icon  SOLD
Waldorf Astoria Flower
Virgin and Child, Blue and Gold  SOLD
Icon in Standing Frame  SOLD

Friday, August 1, 2008


Reliquaries are repositories for relics or other sacred objects. In this series, I have interpreted the reliquary in both a traditional and an avant-garde fashion. Many pieces in the series revolve around Christian themes. For some of these pieces, I have started with carved wood Santos from Latin America. In others, I have used plaster statues which I either dug out of debris piles or purchased in New Orleans antique shops. I have also created some pieces which allude to what I call the “everyday sacred.” One of these pieces pays homage to our feline companions, and others point to our reverence for the natural environment.

I chose to debut the show on the eve of Epiphany and the beginning of the 2008 Mardi Gras season for its symbolic significance. Celebrated in cultures around the world, the date has special significance here on the Gulf Coast. Especially in light of the devastation of our coast by Hurricane Katrina, it seems important to celebrate the advent of a joyous season. This new series is also a natural extension of The Katrina Collection, my series of assemblages which uses storm debris as a metaphor for rebirth.

Mary's Altar
St Francis and Friends

Breadbowl Saint 3

Breadbowl Saint 1

Nicosia Saint 4 SOLD

Monday, July 28, 2008

I have begun creating some new pieces I am calling Amulet Series. The most basic definition of an amulet is something that attracts good and repels bad, and I have long been fascinated with the magic elements of different beliefs around the world. I have also long been a victim of bead lust; I can't get enough of the beautiful textures, shapes and colors of beads from around the world. By combining amulets on leather thongs and other wearable art pieces with wall art, I am able to indulge my enthrallment with all of these elements. In this series, each work has at least one neck piece which may be removed to be worn, then returned to again be wall art.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Yavapai" is another survivor, and is named after the area in Arizona where I was fortunate enough to live for several years. It is a mixed media construction with canvas, acrylic, leather, amber, and turquoise. It features two removable neckpieces with beads of turquoise and amber.

Cochise started with the beautiful pendant which makes the "head" of the figure. I paired it with another gorgeous stone, on the second neck piece, and a carved Chinese pendant on the third one. Beads are of bauxite, acrylic, glass, wood, and bone. I added pieces of dyed cheesecloth, handmade paper, a fossil fragment, Chinese clay and a hand of polymer clay to complete the piece. 22" x 16"
Goddess was inspired by the metal pendant which hangs down with the beads, I repeated the shape in the torn paper that covers the plywood support. I used several handmade papers, and stamped them with gold text. Chinese coins support the leather, and a face of polymer clay was added. Beads on the amulet neck piece are of glass, brass, resin and metal. 13" x 10"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Novena was created from a printers traywithin which are nestled crosses, rosaries and other religious items including novenas printed up on paper, rolled up and painted. The wood Santo is mounted on a window guard.  SOLD
Gothic Saint was created from a piece of plywood, a window guard, and a carved wood Santo.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Lady of the Gulf.  SOLD
Breadbowl Saint 11. 33" x 33"