Tuesday, December 25, 2007

St Francis of the Woods. My husband and I collaborated on this piece. Cairo is a very talented woodworker, and he carved the niche in the log , as well as the cross that graces the top. I designed the piece, painted the Santo, and carved the relief crosses in the bottom portion of the piece. 21" diameter and 28" tall. SOLD

Buddha in Temple was made from an acrylic Buddha and three dimensional frame, painted plywood, forks, Chinese coins and beads of bone and recycled glass from Ghana. SOLD

Sacred Heart was created from a wood Santo, a Mexican wood and metal cross, and a piece of painted plywood. 27" x 33" SOLD
Angel of Mercy was great fun to put together. I began with a series of tiles fashioned from polymer clay. I took the images from molds I had made from 200 year old Russian brass icons, and painted them with acrylics. They were glued to a support of mat board and plywood. I made the face and hands out of the clay also, and the body is an old tin ceiling tile that was liberated from pre-Katrina New Orleans. 12" x 14 1/2"

Old Timers' Cafe came together so easily, it almost made itself. The support piece is the back of a foundry mold which I hauled back from Virgina. The old photos were picked up in an antique shop in Richmond, and the clock came from a junk store in this area, as did the wooden alphabet block. The rusty bottle cap and screen door hook are bits of Katrina debris from my backyard.
Biloxi harvest SOLD
Reliquary II. SOLD

Buddha in a Temple SOLD

Saint in a Niche SOLD
Reliquary 1 SOLD
Icon and Altar SOLD

Guadelupe Green. SOLD
Four Crosses. SOLD
Ave Maria. SOLD
St Francis and Angel SOLD

Mystic Doll features two necklaces which may be removed from the piece. The doll figure of the central necklace was purchased in a Fair Trade store; it was made in Africa. I added the beads for the hair. The other necklace has beads of glass and lapis chips, as well as glass charms. The support is made from paper I have painted, as well as handmade papers, mounted on a plywood support, and glass "beach stones". 21" x 12"

"Ghost Shirt" is a mixed media construction which incorporates wood, leather, nails, seed pods, African carved and painted face, horsehair, tin cones, bovine teeth, and beads of bone, glass and shell, as well as African trade beads. Posted by Hello It is inspired by the Ghost dance movement which swept the indigenous peoples of the Northern Plains in the late 1800s. The piece combines "wall art" with "wearable art" in that it features a removable neckpiece.