Friday, March 26, 2010

Art Dolls are made from carved wood, polymer clay, acrylic paint, beads, and other odds and ends. They are approximately 8" or 9" tall, and are $25 each.
The next few photographs are of wall art I call Spirit Dolls. The idea of spirit dolls can be found in cultures worldwide, and I come to my interest in them naturally via my background in the field of religious studies. They are made from paper clay, cloth, various trim, feathers, and sometimes small trinkets.The dolls are attached to cloth place mats that have been embellished with scraps of other fabrics. These single-doll pieces are approx. 12" x 17" and are $48-but be sure to scroll down to see the large spirit quilt.
Spirit Doll.
Detail, Spirit Doll.
Spirit Doll.
Spirit Quilt is 49" wide x 79" tall, and was created from a wonderfully warped quilt handmade by an artist in Texas. I added nine of my spirit dolls which were fastened to cloth place mats enhanced with assorted scraps of fabric, trims, and feathers. Four fabric birds, dressed up in their Sunday best, decorate the center area, and wood beads and glass amulets from Istanbul which are said to ward off the evil eye weigh down the bottom of the quilt. This is a wonderfully bold and vibrant piece, and needs a good size portion of wall to support it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010